On Tuesday, October 9th, the New Moon enters Libra.

Themes of this New Moon are harmony, balance, and beauty.

The New Moon in Libra asks you to look within and examine where you can find balance and harmony within yourself. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so take time this New Moon to write out where you’d like to find more peace within your body, mind and spirit.

Rather than retreating to a solo place, Libra is known for finding balance and harmony amongst the craziness of her surroundings. Where can you find more balance within yourself when the chaos of life is surrounding you? Focus on the beauty you see in the world during this New Moon, and see where more of that beauty starts showing up as you shift your focus. We often are told the Universe is always speaking to us, but keep in mind it’s a two-way conversation. Spend time thinking (or writing a list!) of all the things that make you feel peaceful and happy, and ask for more of those things to show up for you. Balance and harmony are available to you, you just have to make it a point to truly harness those feelings, and this New Moon is the perfect time for doing just that. If you need help, check out our GlowBook Introductory exercises, here!

Libra Crystals: Lapis lazuli, peridot, opal, agate

New Moon Visualization: Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a garden. Envision all the luscious green and vibrant flowers. As you’re walking through this garden, feel a strong sense of peace. Eventually, you spot someone coming towards you. As you get closer, you see it’s the most radiant version of yourself. Sit down with them and ask them how they got through any stress or struggles that you’re currently facing. Listen to the words of wisdom that they speak. Stay for as long as you’d like, and remember you can always go back and visit this garden, visit you, whenever you need to. 

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Moon in Aries: You may feel some tension with this New Moon. Aries, a fire sign, likes challenges and independence, and this Moon is encouraging you to take a step back and find the present harmony of a situation. This can be hard for Aries Moon as they always want to jump into the next big thing. Use this New Moon as an opportunity to review how far you’ve come this year and what relationships you’ve had. Where can balance and harmony be restored so that you can make final jumps into the end of the year that feel aligned?

Moon in Taurus: Taurus and Libra share the same love and passion for music and arts. Tap into your artistic side this New Moon. Libra is the social butterfly while Taurus Moon is a homebody. If you feel called to socialize this New Moon season, go for it! But be weary of your spending. Taurus moons are very cautious about their finances, but the influence of Libra may influence your spending and cause a little damage. The ideal New Moon festivity for Taurus moon: have some close friends over and paint, or put on some good tunes and crank out some new creative ideas. The creative energy is available to you more than ever this New Moon.

Moon in Gemini: Libra and Gemini moon are a great match. This is a very harmonious time for you. Just keep in mind, Gemini moon, that you tend to speak quickly on topics before you really form a valid response. Observe when you want to speak out, and find your place of balance and harmony before doing so. This New Moon is a great time for you to convey thoughts and feelings to partners, friends and co-workers, just be sure to do it from a place of love and mindfulness. Your words are one of your most powerful tools, be sure to choose them wisely.

Moon in Cancer: Cancer Moons have deep emotions and sometimes this is troublesome for them. Take time this season to really focus on the beauty around you and harbor that energy. Surround yourself with people who make you feel supported. For Cancer moons, this is a great time to drift off into a daydream about the relationships you want to have and situations you want to be in. When you catch yourself feeling troubled, seek what’s on the other side of it. Balance is available to you.

Moon in Leo: Libra and Leo Moon are an amazing duo. Both signs are full of energy and love. Leo moon, however, can have a hard time being still and really listening to themselves. The New Moon in Libra is a beautiful time to really reflect inwards and find peace within. You’re an amazing socializer and life of the party, but it’s important to take solo time for you. Go inward and get to know yourself better. Ask yourself how you’re really doing. Taking time for self-care this Libra season will fuel your fire to glow brightly through the rest of the year.

Moon in Virgo: Virgo Moon, this is a big season of release and rekindling for you. Your hard work is admirable but sometimes you focus too much on details and don’t give yourself a chance to see how far you’ve really come. You get caught up in technicalities and don’t witness the beauty around you. Take time to really tap into the beauty around you this New Moon and see how your mood shifts. It’s okay to get lost in la la land for a little bit, the details will be waiting for you on the other side. Take a walk and clear your mind this season. It’s important to admire your surroundings, as this will fuel your creative work.

Moon in Libra: Welcome home, Libra Moon! The spotlight is on you. You will find that you experience the effects of this New Moon more than anyone, and you can use that to your power. You see the beauty in life and tend to build very harmonious relationships. Tap into this ability this New Moon and find ways that you can share this gift with others. You may not realize that what comes naturally to you does not come naturally to everyone. Utilize this New Moon to share your power with the world, and remember to check in on yourself.

Moon in Scorpio: This New Moon will likely have you feeling on edge, Scorpio Moon. Surrender to your feelings and find the message within the restlessness. This New Moon is asking you to take a step back and do things that put you at ease. You are passionate and assertive and while those are great traits, you need to take time to find balance. Don’t act too quickly this New Moon season. Observe what’s coming up for you and find a way to take what you learn and turn it into something great. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of enjoying where you’re at right now.

Moon in Sagittarius: Your love for nature and adventure can be used very much to your advantage this New Moon. Bear in mind that your optimism can sometimes lead to you taking on more than you can handle. Instead of starting any new projects this New Moon season, retreat into nature and spend time with yourself. Envision and make a plan to execute any projects you’re currently working on and write down all inspiration you receive from this New Moon. You like to work fast and stay up to date on the next big thing, but don’t forget about what’s currently on your plate.

Moon in Capricorn: This New Moon is a great time to just sit with yourself and reflect. You have a great sense of self control, and that in itself provides a good sense of balance this New Moon. Take time this New Moon to admire the beauty within yourself and within the relationships you’ve created. You are very responsible, but this New Moon is asking you to take yourself off the hook and go a little MIA for a bit. Take some time in nature, or cozied up in bed with some candles lit and read a good book or watch a funny movie. This is a great time to really enjoy where you’re at in life right now, even if it’s not exactly where you want to be. Seeing the beauty of where you’re at now will only invite in more things to be grateful for down the road.

Moon in Aquarius: You’re very independent and always on the move, Aquarius Moon. These traits are great for your career but can hinder close relationships. This New Moon is encouraging you to slow down and connect with the people around you. You tend to surround yourself with people who understand your fast-moving, independent ways. Take time to give back to those relationships and restore balance. You’ll be glad you did.

Moon in Pisces: Your artistic and intuitive nature is at a high this New Moon. You’ll find this season to be calm and peaceful. Feed your relationships with love and help the others around you grow. Your sense of calmness is very attractive to others and not everyone will be feeling as level-headed as you, Pisces moon. Take time to lend an ear to the people around you who need it. Your energy is infectious and you’ve got the soul medicine people are looking for right now.