On Wednesday, March 6th, the New Moon enters Pisces.

Themes of this New Moon are intuition, flow, conclusion

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. Our lunar year is coming to a close. This is a big time to reflect on how far you’ve come this last year and really feel into your power. The mantra of Pisces is, “I believe.” Dig into your beliefs this New Moon and feel into the person you are becoming. What do you believe about life? Business? Spirituality? Yourself?

Pisces is ruled by the twelfth house, the house of spirituality. She represents dreams, intuition, and mysticism. As a water sign, Pisces is here to remind us that life is a flow. Everything is energy.

Allow Pisces to help you reflect on the highs and lows of the last year. What were your personal highs and lows? What were the highs and lows of your business? Allow yourself to release what no longer serves you so that you can set your New Moon intentions from a place of power and integrity.

This New Moon brings in heightened psychic awareness. Reflect on things that have been becoming much more aware to you as of recently. These are the things to set your new intentions around.

Let go of your control this New Moon and surrender to the timing of the Universe. There are so many things we want for ourselves and we hurt ourselves when we set strict time stamps around them. Maybe you want to get married or find the perfect relationship. Maybe you want to hit $10K a month in your business or bring on 5 new clients. Rather than focusing on WHEN this will happen, set your intentions around these things happening when the time is right.

I love the metaphor about the dog begging its owner for chocolate. You may have heard it before, but the premise is that a dog is begging its owner for chocolate and the owner doesn’t give it to him because they know it will harm the dog. The dog feels hurt and left out, but is actually being taken care of and watched over. Later on, the dog is fed a steak dinner and is far happier with that than it would have been with the chocolate. If you haven’t gotten what you want quite yet and feel hurt, trust that someone or something is looking out for you, and something much greater is coming. Trust, trust, trust, and of course as Pisces says, BELIEVE. Believe that your desires are coming to you in ways you cannot expect. Don’t focus on the when, focus on the what.

Happy New Moon, loves.

Pisces Crystals: Amethyst, Angelite, Ocean Jasper, Aquamarine, Labradorite

New Moon Journaling:

What has been brought into my awareness lately?

What do I believe about myself? My business? Spirituality?

What is it that I truly want for myself? For my business?

What do my lows tell me about my highs? What about vice versa?

What do I feel intuitively right now?

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Moon in Aries: Fiery Aries, allow the season and New Moon of Pisces to burn out a few of your flames. You are always making your next plans and your energy is contagious, but allow Pisces to calm you down for a bit and reflect on what fire you’re ready to start next. Relax and retreat. Don’t let your ego make you feel like you have to carry out projects that no longer serve you. Take time to really think about what it is you want to do next. You hold your own power and there is much to do with it. Sit back and reflect.

Moon in Taurus: You will thoroughly enjoy this New Moon, Taurus. Finally, the energy in the air is encouraging you to slow down and just be with yourself. You’ve had a busy last few months and it’s time to focus on you. Take all the time you need to focus on yourself, but be aware that outside distractions may present themselves. This isn’t a time to get upset about it, but rather look inwards and reflect on how you can still give yourself all the time in the world while allowing the people around you to enjoy themselves as well. It is the flow of life. Focus on yourself and make a point to feel grateful for those around you.

Moon in Gemini: Let go of your logic for a bit, Gemini, and lose yourself in the Pisces sea. You are a very practical person and you help others ground themselves, but this New Moon is asking you to dive deep into your imagination and be a dreamer. You can make your dreams become more practical later on if you feel the need but once you let your mind drift away into daydream land it is very likely you’ll understand what the ‘dreamers’ are talking about. Allow yourself to escape to the deep visions in your mind and stay there a while. This will only help you down the road. There are many creative business ideas waiting to present themselves to you, you just need to take the time to listen.

Moon in Cancer: As a fellow Water sign, this New Moon feels great for you. Allow the creative energies to flow and let yourself step out of your shell. You’ve been feeling your greater purpose lately but have been hesitant to act on it in fear that you might not be able to go back to your current comfort or that people will begin to think differently of you. Do it anyways, Cancer. There is great energy supporting you and the illusion of others’ opinions is all in your head. You are in control. Do what must be done.

Moon in Leo: Ah, Leo, you want to listen to the message of this Pisces moon but don’t want to let others see that you look for outward guidance. Swallow your pride, fiery Leo. This is a time for you to thrive if you will just let it in the calming, nurturing energy of Pisces. Drop your ego for just a day and listen to what your higher self is telling you you need. You may not want to agree, but you will know it’s true. That alone will ignite your fire and inspire you in new, joyous ways.

Moon in Virgo: This is an interesting moon for you Virgo, as you oppose Pisces in the sky. You prefer structure and detail, while Pisces cares about the greater picture. This annoys you, but allow yourself to let go of details for a bit and dream of your greater vision. The details can come later. Now is a time to reflect and manifest for yourself. Give yourself a break from detail. Focus on what it is you truly want and let the Universe start its work. You can put your own work in later on.

Moon in Libra: It’s time to take a breather, Libra. You always want justice served where justice is due and that is admirable, but you need to take care of yourself right now. Retreat as much as possible. Don’t give in to the needs of others, you will be at their side soon enough. Take time to reflect on what it is YOU need, and give that to yourself. Listen to the deeper messages you have been receiving, there is great guidance there for you. It’s not always easy, but worth it? Always.

Moon in Scorpio: Scorpio! Now is your time. You are always thinking deeper than what you lead others to believe about you. Express it! Share your mind. You harbor so much emotion and energy and Pisces is encouraging you to speak from the heart. Reflect on this– what good has it done you to keep your thoughts all stored in your mind? Are you ready to see change? Then speak it, woman! Speak out on the change and transformation you’re ready to see. The people who are truly behind you will believe in what you have to say. And that’s because it’s the truth. Let go of the rest.

Moon in Sagittarius: Draw back your arrow and rest, Sagittarius. You are a true go-getter, always looking at the next thing coming into your life and ready to conquer it. Relax! Set things aside and listen to yourself. What is it you truly want? It may not be right there in front of you and that’s because you need to look within and listen to your desires. Stop looking out at the physical world for a minute and listen to yourself. Once you know what it is YOU truly want, your physical world will change in the most amazing ways. Go inward and believe in yourself, love. Greatness is coming.

Moon in Capricorn: Catch the Pisces wave, babe! You love order and functionality and Pisces simply isn’t going to bring you that. You can make a fuss about it and be upset for a few days, or you can open your mind and start exploring your desires that aren’t necessarily “practical” at the moment. Remember where you are now wasn’t actually practical to you some time ago. Take a look around. Honor where you are. This didn’t come about through practicality but through spirituality and trust. Where are you ready to take the leap and go next?

Moon in Aquarius: You are ready to take the next step, Aquarius. You’ve been putting in a lot of work and some results are showing up, but there is more to come to fruition. Indulge in the season of Pisces and pay close attention to your dreams, waking or sleeping. There are many messages coming to you at this time and your job right now is to observe and remember them, but in the next few weeks, you must act on them. What does that look like to you? Dream and act, love.

Moon in Pisces: You are home, Pisces. This season feels like magic, and it is. You fully understand what the people around you are experiencing and you are so quick to be at their side and guide them through it. Just don’t forget about yourself! There is so much magic happening right now, you need to allow yourself time to experience your own awakenings. You hold insane power, and as a Pisces you won’t forget that. Just remember to use some of your magnificent power on yourself. You deserve it. Cheers to another lunar year.