On Wednesday, Nov. 7th, the New Moon enters Scorpio.

Scorpio New Moon Themes: Rebirth, Healing, Trust

This Moon will deliver messages that our subconscious has been keeping from us.

Scorpio, who appears happy and pleasant on the surface, has much brewing beneath. She is always thinking of her next move and trying to understand the deeper meaning of things. Scorpio keeps things to herself in fear that if she speaks her true thoughts, it will upset her surroundings. Our subconscious frequently takes on the Scorpio role, feeding us what keeps us pleasant and happy, and harboring what may upset the apple cart. It is likely you’ve been catching onto this lately, and are becoming aware that there are messages to hear from your Higher Self. These messages will begin revealing themselves this New Moon and will progress throughout the end of the year. This isn’t something to be fearful of. While Scorpio may filter these messages, Scorpio is a warrior who pushes through. She is fiery and intense and her messages are for our greatest good.

This New Moon gives us the opportunity to naturally dig deep, and listen to what we’ve been avoiding. It is granting us time to sit with our inner barriers and take action steps towards where they’re directing us.

Where are you feeling an upset in your life? Where do things feel off?

Our New Moon in Scorpio is here to give more insight and help resolve these issues. Take time to listen.

Scorpio Crystals: Malachite, Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite

New Moon Visualization: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a dark, open space. You’re safe here. This is the space you come to receive insight from your guides and Higher Self. As you sit in this space release any tension you’ve been holding onto. Release any fears and concerns about the future. Clear your mind as best you can and imagine a red ball of light appear, and start dancing around you. Acknowledge this red ball of light and recognize that it is a part of you that has drifted off to receive messages that you need. It is now returning to bring you these messages and guide you through them. Be open to receiving this red ball of light as it enters through the top of your head, and slowly makes its way down your body, illuminating all parts that have felt tired and weak. It gains strength as it travels through your body and settles itself at the base of your spine, holding you up. Thank this red ball of light for making its way back to you, and let it know you are ready to receive the messages it has brought.

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Moon in Aries: This New Moon will fuel your inner fire, Aries Moon. Take what surfaces this New Moon and turn it into action steps. You love excitement and there will be lots of it around this Moon. Don’t take things from others personally at this time. As much as you love excitement, you are quick to have hurt feelings. Keep in mind that this New Moon is bringing up a lot of change for people and not all will feel as excited as you about it. This New Moon is a great time for you to step into a leadership role and show the others around you that making changes and taking action can be empowering. Get to work.

Moon in Taurus: Taurus Moon, it’s time to come a little more out of your shell, my love. You love feeling comfortable and safe, but it’s time to expand. You know that it’s time to shake things up a bit but you still have one foot in the door and one foot out. Here’s what you need to know–not only is it safe for you to take action, it is necessary. You have more strength than you realize. Trust yourself a little more and arise to whatever challenge is presented to you. You are ready.

Moon in Gemini: You are the life of the party but when the going gets tough you tend to close it out and keep moving. This New Moon is asking you to sit with your feelings and experiences and feel into their intensity. Don’t just shut out whatever doesn’t feel good, let your curious tendency explore it. There’s much to be learned about yourself in these times and it can become one of your greatest weapons if you give it a chance. Slow down and listen to yourself. Pass up the party and focus on you right now.

Moon in Cancer: This is a very smooth time for you. Scorpio, also a water Moon, gets you into a natural state of flow this New Moon. This is a Moon of confidence and beauty for you. You have a natural understanding of Scorpio’s views and influence, and that boosts you up during this time. You are natural healer and nurturer and this Moon will heighten your intuition and give you extra support around helping lift others up. Be sure to take care of yourself, but take time to give some extra love to those around you.

Moon in Leo: You’re stepping onto the battlefield with yourself this New Moon. This won’t be a self-defeating battle, but a battle of empowerment and achievement. Your shadows will appear this New Moon, but you are ready to confront them with love and understanding. Looking inwards this New Moon will lead you to burst with love outwards. Take one last look at your shadows and then put them to rest. It’s time to carry on, warrior. There are much greater things ahead.

Moon in Virgo: This Moon is very cleansing for you, Virgo Moon. The time has come to purge yourself of fears and anxiety about the future. You have the power within you to go where you want to go, and do what you want to do. Don’t hand the keys to anyone else. Take the driver’s seat of your emotions and choose where you’re going. What does your anxiety of the future tell you about what you want? How do you want to feel?  Design a plan of action to get there. You are much more powerful than you realize. Cleanse yourself of fears and get moving.

Moon in Libra: You have a great sense of balance and this New Moon has the potential to throw that off, but only if you allow it, Libra Moon. You hold a great concern for social justice and fight for what is right, but you must take care of yourself and hold onto your inner peace if you want to create change. The fiery aspect of Scorpio will ignite your passions and desires this New Moon. Remain calm and balanced, and approach what you’re dealing with with a level head. You have the ability to create major changes for the better, but make decisions wisely. Be open with those around you.

Moon in Scorpio: You are home, Scorpio Moon. You are in your natural state this New Moon and you will feel electrified. You are a magnet for all your desires and your manifestation powers are at an all-time high. Go deep within yourself to figure out what it is you truly want, and make your plan to get it. You must speak out if you want to be understood. Any thoughts that what you have to say may upset the people around you are in your head, love. Your words are charming and your personality is warm and inviting. Be open with the company around you and see what magic takes place.

Moon in Sagittarius: You are a natural explorer who loves adventure and travel. The insights and perspectives you gain from traveling make up a large part of who you are. This New Moon, explore existing thought patterns and beliefs that you have formed over time. Get curious about where they came from and see what lessons or messages they are teaching you. Where can you tweak certain thought patterns to get you back on track of feeling motivated and adventurous in your current surroundings? Call on your guides to deliver you messages that will help you get more in touch with your Higher Self.

Moon in Capricorn: This is a time to dive deep into the core of your subconscious and reveal a layer of yourself that you have not yet gotten to know. There will be some tough things to dive through, but be patient and compassionate with yourself. Getting to know a deeper level of yourself will allow you to elevate and expand into the person you are becoming at a deeper, core level. Diving deeper establishes a more solid foundation to work from and it will provide you with both comfort and confidence in the months ahead.

Moon in Aquarius: This is a creative, innovative time for you, Aquarius Moon. This New Moon will bring about many new ideas both personally and business-wise. Be sure to write down all the ideas that you get, but don’t act on them quite yet as certain ones you will not be as excited on down the road, and other ones will become more developed over time. You are currently on a specific journey and don’t need to make any big changes right now, though you may think you do during this New Moon. Take all your new ideas with a grain of salt and consult them at a later time.

Moon in Pisces: This is a Moon of great connection for you, Pisces Moon. Feel into everything at a deeper level and explore the lessons you have learned this year. Integrate any great lessons at a core level, and let minor ones pass by. Not all lessons are “good ones”, and you don’t need to hold onto what does not serve you. You tend to be more emotional than others though it doesn’t always show on the surface. Some of this emotion is self-inflicted and not necessary. Be kind to yourself and enjoy this New Moon. Use it as a time of reflection and cleansing. Connect with nature and be grateful for where you are.