There’s no denying it, being able to set up, run and close your discovery calls is absolutely critical to the coach and entrepreneur. It’s in these beautiful 20+ minutes of connecting that we have the opportunity to ultimately join in partnership with someone who wants to change their life…and they want you to help them! From a coaching lens–this is YOUR work. From a business lens though, this sales call may feel uncomfortable and even triggering at times.

Some of the most talented coaches in the world still feel challenged by what to say or how to run discovery calls and ultimately, this is just a disservice to the world! If you’re a skilled coach, there is NO reason not to have a full client roster of people who are living their purpose and transforming their lives.

It’s your job as coach to support them in making this decision and committing to doing the work. Here are 5 ways to ensure that you run a powerful discovery call:

    1. Get centered before the call. What does it feel like for you to be at your highest and best? Whatever activities, mantras, experiences or process brings you to this place–do this before discovery calls. For some people this may mean a pair of boss-lady heels and red lipstick, for others this is guided meditation, a jog through the park or snack. Whatever you need to do to feel your best, always schedule this in before the call.
    2. Choose and declare what you are showing up for. Remember, you are actually showing up for your client; to support their progress, transformation and next steps. You are not showing up to feel nervous, anxious or unprepared. You are not showing up on this call for YOU, but for them. Remember that your prospective client is probably just as nervous (if not more so!) to embark on this journey of change with you and it’s your ethical responsibility as coach to show up fully for them, fear aside.
  • Ask the bold questions. Don’t be afraid to jump right in and model coaching from the beginning. Show them what’s possible through working with you, starting from this very call. Here are a few of my favorite bold questions to ask during a discovery call:
    1. What becomes possible for your through signing up for coaching? Tell me more…
    2. What is this worth to you?
    3. If {money/time/judgment} weren’t in the way for you, would you be all in?
    4. What is the likelihood that you will achieve {fill in goals} without any support?
  • Ask for the sale. Seriously, just ask them if they want to work with you. Be direct, be the powerful coach that you are and say, “Listen, I am confident that coaching will change your life and that I can partner with you to make this happen. I want to work with you, are you in?”

  • Be with the objections. Coaching is scary. Investing is scary. Actually committing to doing the work to change your life is a BIG DEAL. Here’s the thing though, people don’t just hop on discovery calls with coaches for the hell of it. It’s because they want what’s on the other side of the relationship. They want you to take them from point A to point B. Help them move their circumstances out of the way and know that again, this is your responsibility as coach. The work we do as coach is support our clients in dismantling the limiting beliefs, moving the obstacles out of the way and creating what we desire. This is no different when it comes to them desiring coaching. Stay with them, move the obstacles out of the way together.