As the #1 training company for coaches and female entrepreneurs, Inner Glow Circle is on a mission to make spirituality mainstream, exciting and (dare we say) glamorous.

We’re also on a mission to make entrepreneurship spiritual.

After working with hundreds of women over the years, we’ve learned most women crave a deeper connection with themselves, others and spirit—but they don’t fully resonate with religion in the traditional sense.

While some women cultivate a connection with the divine in churches and temples, more and more of them are turning to their yoga mats, meditation cushions, tarot cards and crystals to feel a sense of inner peace.

Whether you call it “woo-woo”, “new age” or “self-help,” one thing is certain: a new definition of spirituality is on the rise among modern women. And why wouldn’t it be?

Modern witch and our resident horoscope writer, Rachael.

This new spin on age-old wisdom is aspirational. It says it’s actually okay to make money from an aligned place and invest in the things you desire.

It gives you the space to choose how you spend your time and energy and with whom.

You have permission to say “no” to what you don’t want and “yes” to what you do.

Rather than letting someone else define their spiritual practices or routines, people are creating their own relationships to God, spirit, the Universe, self and one another.

New York Times best-selling author and self-proclaimed “spirit junkie,” Gabby Bernstein has made her mark in the spiritual world over the past decade. She says, “Much of our anxiety and stress comes when we’re focused on fear and disconnected from the voice of our inner guide.”

While Gabby Bernstein is teaching women to expect miracles, online marketing expert, Marie Forleo, is giving women permission to create businesses on their own terms.

Cancer-survivor-turned-wellness guru, Kris Carr, is standing for women to feel their best every day.

There are more female spiritual leaders than ever before, and they’re showing up on Oprah and the New York Times Bestseller list, not at church.

Mainstream spirituality is giving people access to a much broader relationship with the Universe and beyond.

“Many religions promise that if we make good choices in life, we’ll get invited to heaven in the afterlife. As I see it, spirituality is an invitation to heaven on earth. Spiritual practice is the doorway.  Through devoting ourselves to a practice that brings us the feeling of wholeheartedness and inner peace – dance, meditation, prayer, journaling, breathing exercises – we are cultivating our ability to access that place in challenging times. We begin to walk through life in greater alignment with love itself, living as love, walking as peace.”

-Nisha Moodley, Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

We know, it’s all a bit woo-woo.

Women’s Circle Leader, Danielle Waldman speaking on spirituality.

But bottom line: the work works.

And creating your own recipe for spiritual success can literally change your life.

So, how does the modern woman integrate a spiritual practice into her daily world?

Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1.    Stay focused on yourself. 

As spiritual women, our job is to connect with our higher selves. Focus on what it is YOU truly desire, not what other people are up to. We are each here for a specific purpose. Drop the comparison game act. Focus on your desires and what lights you up. Focus on what you want for yourself and make a plan to get it. 

2.    Feel your feels. 

Part of being spiritual is understanding that all emotions are normal and healthy. Stop numbing out your feelings (especially the uncomfortable ones). Allow yourself to just feel whatever you feel in each moment. Sit with it. Listen to it. Build a relationship with your emotions.

3.    Let spirituality be fun. 

Create spiritual practices and rituals to honor your body, mind, business and relationships. Don’t turn spirituality into a stressful, forced routine. Allow spirituality to be a creative outlet, infused with a sense of play. Spiritual women everywhere are making vision boards, buying crystals, dabbling in essential oils, seeking guidance from oracle cards and building altars. Let yourself explore and see what feels good for you.

The morale of the story? When it comes to spirituality, the only rule is that there are no rules. The most important thing you can do is to follow your intuition and design a relationship with the divine that’s divinely YOU.

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