Whether you’re at home or the office, you’re going to face stress every day. And as a coach, your clients are facing stress every day.

So, how do you recenter?

When you get distracted by negative energy, you need to come back to your GLOW. It’s like when you’re using a camera and it adjusts it’s focus. That’s what you have to do.

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You refocus on the positive by asking yourself,

What is my greatest level of want (G.L.O.W.)?

In this conversation, this day, in this moment, this month, what is the thing that I most want?

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And the truth is, when you’re a busy woman, moment by moment you have to refocus, “well, what do I want right now?” and “what’s the thing I most want right now?” Your answer will change throughout the day.

You have to be willing to go with it, flow with it, and GLOW with it!

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When will you use this trick to stop stress from distracting you?