Inner Glow Circle (IGC) is a coach training and personal branding company for women. Our mission is to provide intuitive, intelligent and inclusive women with the education, experience and edge to start their own businesses. In our vision, the future belongs to the female entrepreneur.

Katie DePaola



Liv Chapman


As the COO + Director of Coach Training, Liv ensures IGC’s ICF Accredited Coach Training program is the best in the world. From teacher to business coach to coach trainer to executive, Liv once tried to conform to everyone else’s standards. Now, she sets her own. Although being unfulfilled in work and life is normal, it’s not natural. Liv’s vision is to create a diverse and inclusive environment, where women can work for themselves, but not by themselves. In 2018, she scored a book deal with Hay House’s Balboa Press for her first book, Old Soul New Money, coming soon! Learn more about Liv.

Kelly Curtis


An IGC Coach Trainer and ICF Certified PCC Coach from Austin, Texas, Kelly doesn’t shy away from the out there sides of the human experience. She is a natural born intuitive who helps women discover their unique channel and connect with their intuitive guidance systems to see far beyond human limitations. Kelly attracts women who feel themselves opening to new things living beyond the veil of illusion. One of IGC’s early coach training graduates, Kelly is also an artist, the founder of Austin’s first Female Paranormal Investigation Team and a mental health counselor.

Shannon Whaley


An IGC Coach Trainer and ICF Certified PCC Coach living in Italy, Shannon is the coach’s coach, guiding her students to get crystal clear on their core message and who they’re here to serve. She can help you create the platform needed to sell out your programs, publish books, quit your 9-5, complete coach training and experience the freedom that comes with the entrepreneurial life. One of IGC’s original coach training graduates and now a trainer herself, Shannon’s coaching style is passionate and playful. She loves to model saying the thing no one else is willing to say.

Kate Ure


Currently living in the Cayman Islands, Kate is an IGC Coach Trainer and ICF Certified ACC Coach who wears many hats: mother, partner, entrepreneur, coach, trainer, mentor and more. As a Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Kate supports women who are tired of living between exhausted and good enough. Kate partners with her students and clients to create a roadmap to the sweet spot of fulfillment and expansion in wellbeing, relationships and beyond. Through her coaching calls, courses and client work, Kate provides loving support every step of the way.

Natalie Taggart


Joining us from Los Angeles, CA, Natalie is our resident money coach and the self-proclaimed wealthy witch. Natalie knows spiritual women have expansive gifts to offer the world, and the greatest block to giving those gifts freely is fear. What are women most afraid of? Money. What do they most crave? Confidence. As one of IGC’s original leaders, Natalie guides women to feel confident in their relationship with money and heal the emotional attachments that keep them stuck. She teaches women to lead from their center and create magic like the wealthy witches they are.

Heather Allison


Heather has a specific mission: to activate the women who are here to birth a new world. Her calls are about quantum leaping into every part of your life, from relationships to business. She teaches through the lens of the feminine paradigm and cosmic spirituality, guiding women back to their divine centers and helping them reclaim their true selves. One of IGC’s original coach training graduates, Heather has guided hundreds of women to divine breakthroughs. She coaches from a place of trusting that it gets to be easy, magical and feel better than ever.

Laura Ellen


A holistic health coach, Laura escaped the suffocating diet and fitness industry to carve her own path to body empowerment and wellness, supported by sisterhood and raw truth. Laura knows being a thought leader and entrepreneur means getting visible; and your visibility can surface some of your deepest insecurities. It’s not about your body; it’s about how you believe your body is holding you back. Through live coaching calls, online programs and YouTube videos, Laura marries science and soul to guide women to their most radical transformations, from the inside out.

Krista Kathleen


Wrapping up her year of living throughout the world, Krista is a life and business coach who mixes the practical and spiritual to guide new female entrepreneurs to new heights. She links arms with her clients as they launch new programs, find their first paying clients and start to share their voices online. Through her coaching calls and group programs, Krista teaches boundaries, emotional growth and intuition. She models her motto: when you work on you, you work on your business. Krista is currently writing her first book and constantly seeking new adventures.

Jenn Hepton


Jenn teaches women how to embrace grief and loss as a natural part of life. Having experiencing many losses firsthand, loss of self after marriage, loss of career, loss of health, loss of family and friends and loss of children through fertility challenges, miscarriages and a stillbirth, Jenn brings a modern twist to the interpretation of grief. An experienced health coach, yoga therapy coach and psychology professional, Jenn creates a space for women to feel comfortable to talk about grief, embrace it as a learning opportunity and hold space for any loved one who is experiencing it.

Rachael Welsh


Rachael is our resident Moon Goddess, writer of GlowScopes, and teacher of all things spiritual. In her coaching practice, Rachael uses the lunar cycles, crystals, and mindset magic to help women create lives of intention and raise the collective consciousness. Rachael has journeyed from feeling stuck in the restaurant industry to confidently partnering with women to share their ideas, inspirations, and struggles, all in the name of support and sisterhood. Rachael advocates for spiritual women to have the power to change the world. Wherever you are on your business and personal journey, she can support you.

Jamie Johnson


Are you living, but feeling like your soul is dying? Jaimie pushes clients past the comfort zone of what’s normal.

IGC has shown me that working with a tribe of women magnifies my own power and brilliance. Together we build each other up and support each other through challenges. They have become my sounding board, my cheerleaders, and my guides. All of this makes the journey as an entrepreneur much less lonely and way more exciting.

Claire Meredith


Joining us from England, Claire is a leader of leaders who inspires women to take their missions to the next level. Being a voice for change requires sustainability. The question is how to get there. Claire will teach you how to tap into your feminine center as your unwavering source of power. Whether you dream of building a successful coaching business, launching an eco clothing brand, creating a movement or raising a family, Claire will help you create life, career and community that’s truly lasting.

Erin Case-Farasyn


At 20, Erin’s doctor got real with her, in a terrifying way. “Do not cry. Do not get overly excited. Do not get angry,” he said. “You could die.” Since then, Erin has forged her own path to empowered health, learning to work in and around the limits of her physical body. Today, Erin coaches women yearning to transition from scared to safe in their own bodies, especially those living with chronic disease. Erin helps women strengthen their resilience and take informed action so they can continue to pursue their highest level of living.

Brianne Dier


Joining us from Ontario, Canada, Brianne knows we can only be a force for change in the world when we change our own lives first. It’s easy to think, say and feel what you don’t want, but what do you want? That’s the level of clarity Brianne brings to the table. As a coach, Brianne calls her style Best Friend for Hire. When you’re on her live calls, the experience is “uncomfortably comfortable,” like a best friend holding up the mirror of truth. She loves partnering with clients to take them from before to after in every area of their lives.

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Tamara Watford


Tamara is Inner Glow Circle’s account manager, handling billing and client membership coordination. She provides a phenomenal level of support with her knowledge around finance and money mindset.

Jill DePaola


Jill DePaola is our International Coach Federation (ICF) Credentialing Coordinator and Mentor Coach. Jill works specifically with coach training graduates and coaches in training who want to pursue an ICF Credential.

Jenn Bradshaw Almond


Jenn supports the IGC Mastermind by ​trend​ ​forecasting through her monthly new moon and full moon reports. She is a certified Astrologer, Flower Essence Practitioner and Wholistic Kinesiologist.