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This section of our 6 part Training Series is all about getting real in your work and showing up honestly in your content, marketing, and social media.

Lately, it feels like word “authentic” has become such a buzzword in the industry it almost has no meaning. People talk about being authentic. They talk about telling the truth. They talk about being real. But, in our opinion, it’s often a fraction of what’s really there.

Being real and authentic is actually is the first step to creating trust inside of a coaching relationship.

Have you ever read something online and you just don’t believe it? You can’t trust it. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t feel like it’s the truth. We know we hav! It’s nearly impossible to trust people or brands who you can sense aren’t telling the whole truth.

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The key ingredient and basis of any coaching is really only trust. So part of our responsibility as coaches, which most of you are or are developing these skills, is to be honest in our marketing, content, and conversations. Sharing your message in a real and, yes, authentic way is going to be the first way that people start to trust you.

It’s time, Glow Getters.

Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth.

Here’s your GLOWork

If you had a megaphone or a loud speaker, and the whole world was listening, and you weren’t afraid to tell the truth and say the thing, what would you say?

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