Ever wondered what life coaching really is?

That’s a common question we get because coaching is still a growing industry and therefore not everyone is clear on how it differs from consulting or even therapy.

We sat down with Coach Training Coordinator Kelly Curtis to get the inside scoop on what coaching is, what it isn’t and how it stands as its own industry.

So, what exactly is life coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership between coach and client where they come together and co-create goals and then strategies to reach those goals in a forward momentum.

Therapy, on the other hand, is all about discussing the past, healing up the past and bringing someone to the present moment in a powerful way.

Consulting is giving someone a lot of answers and telling them how to do things.

Life coaching is much more about holding space while the client talks through their dreams and desires and then creates a plan to achieve them. The coach is in charge of holding the client accountable in executing their goals.

“What differentiates coaching is that it’s really about the client being in control, being the expert of their own life and creating a plan to get to where they want to be down the road in a really powerful way,” says Kelly.

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What is a “breakthrough” in life coaching?

A “breakthrough” is a term in coaching that refers to one of those ‘aha’ moments.

It’s when a client gets new insight into their life, their behavior, their strategy, something new opens for them.

Clients get a glimpse of their life from a new perspective and see a way to move forward that they’ve never imagined before.

How do coaches help clients have breakthroughs?

“It really boils down to active listening, really turning the volume up on your ears and hearing what the client has to say and then reflecting back what it is as coach you’re hearing the client say. Sometimes as client, just hearing your own words repeated back to you brings a whole new light to what you were already thinking and a breakthrough emerges. It’s very empowering” says Kelly.

Kelly herself is actually an intuitive life coach. She leans on her own intuitive abilities to help clients bring out their intuitive abilities.

“I see intuition as kind of like a thumbprint. There’s no two that are the same, so I really love helping clients figure out exactly how their intuition is speaking to them so they can use it in the world,” Kelly says.

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Who should hire a life coach?

Really anyone can hire a life coach.

If you have a goal, whether it’s internal or external, a good life coach has the ability to help guide you to that goal at a much faster rate than most people would reach it.

“I’ve seen people write books that they’ve really wanted to write that’s been sitting in their heart and in their soul their whole life and actually put it out there for the world. One of my favorite clients ended up being a stand-up comic. She really had this humor about her. She was witty and funny, and she finally owned that part of herself and got on stage,” said Kelly about past clients.

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