The real reason I got into teaching 12 years ago was to be a catalyst for a massive ripple effect that I also want YOU to experience today.

Consider this: What happens when someone learns and lives to their highest potential? What becomes possible when this person then inspires someone else to do the same?

The simple answer: lives change one by one.

The same goes for coaching and training new coaches.

Someone asked me the other day point blank: “Why would you EVER train so many new coaches? You are literally creating your competition.”

First off, I never even thought of that! That’s a funny concept–training people who want to change their lives and help others do the same. To me, it’s the opposite of competition. It’s collaboration, community and in my case, a collective experience.

Every single person that I have trained in IGC’s Coach Training Program has already changed lives, starting with their own. This is the ripple effect–this is what it’s all about.

Our coaches have helped people: find careers they love, work for social justice causes, write books, overcome body shame, increase their confidence, start charities, start new relationships, heal past wounds, enhance their leadership skills, share their story with the world, find a sense of peace and fulfillment and so much more.

One of our students, Laura, said this about her experience in Glow Coach Training:

My experience with Glow Coach Training has been nothing short of incredible. I enrolled in the program during a time of intense soul-searching and uncertainty. My hope was that the program would help me to understand myself, and to support my communities more effectively. What I didn’t expect was that my whole vision for my future would shift .I know that there are other coach training programs that promise to make you a powerful coach in a day, or in a week. They promise that you’ll be earning a massive amount of money in no time, and they make it all seem simple. Glow Coach Training is unique because it’s a being-based program; so the heart of the curriculum is built around how you’re showing up as coach to facilitate transformation in the life of your clients. Becoming a Glow Coach is about committing to a lifetime of service and healing in the world. It’s a six month commitment, not a quick fix, and it sets you up to be both a powerful coach and a responsible and savvy business owner. What surprised me the most was how extensive and practically applicable the training program was. I felt supported in not only the development of my skills as coach, but also the more intangible elements of starting my own business: defining my voice, injecting my personal skill set into my practice, even in the development of my website. I felt fully prepared to show up as coach in the world.

Laura is a life and clarity coach that works with women who are ready to ditch the analysis paralysis and start making moves in service of discovering her most badass life.

Through collaborative life coaching, Laura creates a safe and innovative space for courageous and soulful individuals to quit making excuses and start taking control of their lives. She’s already partnered with women around the world who are looking to make changes and would love to offer YOU (yes, YOU reading this very email!) an opportunity to make those changes for yourself.

If you want to sign up for a free coaching consultation to see if working with Laura and Inner Glow Circle is the right next step for you, click here.

Let your life be changed, girl. Get in on this ripple effect!

All of my best,


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