If you don’t ask, no one is going to give you anything in this world.” — Jameela Jamil

Your Guide to Glowing this Week


You know what Inner Glow Circle is about by now. It feels like we’ve been friends forever! So you bet your cute peach we’re speaking up and taking action about the overall lack of diversity within the coaching industry. For years we’ve hosted live roundtables, spoken out and taken action. And we couldn’t be more excited to launch our Fall 2019 Coach Training Diversity in Coaching Scholarship. We’ve made it part of our mission to create a space that feels valid and appropriate to individuals of all backgrounds, races, ages, sexualities, sizes and abilities. This year, we’ve set aside $33,000 in scholarship funds to help make your dreams a reality. Click here to learn more and apply!


This isn’t our first rodeo. We first launched our Diversity in Coaching Scholarship a full year ago. And one of our incredible winners who got a full tuition scholarship through Coach Training recently visited Glow HQ and told us about her story and experience. This woman is so inspiring–coaching women, running a fashion boutique and being an incredible wife and mom to two sons. Get to know Thea Sobers Charles and hear what’s possible for you in her story.

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Entrepreneurship is everything you ever dreamed it could be…and so much more. And the “so much more” is not always what you expect. Take it from our Founder and CEO Katie DePaola. Adversity, hardship and loss will show up even when you’re on your most aligned path. The key is staying rooted in your purpose. When you’re living you #truthtruth, you can handle it all with grace and glow. Click here to listen to Katie’s most recent podcast interview where she gets REAL about the loss of her brother, living with Lyme disease, and building Inner Glow Circle from the bathtub. Yes, seriously. While you’re there, leave a comment or review! We’d LOVE to know what most speaks to you!


Who here gets confused when it comes to Instagram hashtag best practices? Listen, you are SO not alone. Lots of hashtags? Only a few? In a list? As a big paragraph? It seems like everyone does it their own way, so it’s hard to decipher which is best. Well, we’re here to give you the goods because that’s just what we do. *cue cape blowing in the wind* Did you know your hashtags actually perform better when you include them IN your caption versus adding them as a comment on the post? Instagram has been cracking down on accounts adding hashtags as a separate comment! Use a column of periods or dashes to separate your hashtags from the rest of your caption so your post still looks clean!


Ever heard the term “spiritual sales”? Probably not because COO and business woman extraordinaire Liv Chapman made it up. Liv explains spiritual sales as “using your energy and vibration, including your messaging and images, to attract the people you’re meant to be working with”. This week, we challenge you to show up as the fullest version of you (no apologies!) in your posts, lives and images. Be open to who it brings your way. Spiritual sales attracts the ripest opportunities!

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Virgo season = Glow Getter season. You want it, you get it. *cue Ariana Grande hair flip* It’s time to tackle those big plans. Productivity should be at an all time high this week. Have you been eyeing our Diversity in Coaching Scholarship? Or applying for financing for Coach Training? This is the time for some manifest ACTION.


“Clean” and “detox” are very buzzy words in the wellness space. Specifically in reference to food. But what about your personal care products? Cosmetics, feminine care and body care products are are absorbed through the skin when applied. According to the Environmental Working Group, women use an average of 12 products a day, containing 168 different chemicals. Holy detox! It’s time to take personal care products as seriously as we take the purity of our water. The website Made Safe is a database that includes direct links to products that are verified to be completely non toxic and safe. Of course it may not be in your budget to completely restock your bathroom and vanity, but as your products run out, search Made Safe for higher quality alternatives. Our wellness expert is loving Annmarie for skin care and Rejuva minerals for super clean makeup, both with the Made Safe seal of approval!

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