Wondering what it is life coaches really do?

IGC coach training graduates Danielle Waldman and Angela Rose are here to fill you in on their experience as coaches.

Life coaching is partnering with clients to help them achieve their deepest desires.

It’s asking them thought provoking questions and encouraging them to live their lives in a creative way to reach their dreams.

It’s having someone on your support team who is unbiased.

Life coaches are people who can ultimately make you feel more confident in finding out who you are as a person.

They help lead you to breakthroughs or “aha!” moments.

“I’ve seen women start their best relationships ever. I’ve seen women weave their mundane jobs and do something that totally likes their soul on fire,” says Angela Rose about clients she has worked with.

Asking thought provoking questions, holding space and just letting clients have time to actually hear their own answers and remember who they really are inside is a huge part of what coaches do.

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Coaches lead people back to their intuition.

“A lot of the women that I work with, it’s the first time that someone’s really listened to them and actually heard what they’re saying. It’s often the first time that someone’s actually stood for them and not let them back down on what they actually really want,” says Angela.

Life coaches just ask the questions, and that’s what’s so beautiful about coaching.

These clients hold all of the knowledge and wisdom within themselves.

What life coaches really do is hold space for clients to get out of their heads and back into their truest selves.

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