We’re all learning while we work, lead and coach. Some people might say, “Then, you’re really not fit to teach because you don’t actually know.”

At IGC, we say: Who better to teach than the people who are doing it right now?

Learning on the job is a critical part of professional growth. Transparency is an asset to your brand. When you can confidently say, “I tried this and it didn’t work, so I’m going to try this,” you are building tremendous trust with your audience.

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There is a natural tendency to want to share, but we feel we aren’t ready “enough.” We feel like we aren’t good enough, or we aren’t far along enough. It’s all that “enough-ness” stuff that keeps us from getting visible.

You need to be aware of your self talk. Pay attention when you hear yourself say, I’m not “blank” enough. Then ask yourself, how can I share this with my audience right now instead of waiting until I’m “perfect”?

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What are you learning right now that you can share with your audience now, rather than waiting?